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Library concepts

Toon Boom Studio supports the creation and use of asset libraries. There are two basic types of libraries, local and global. Local libraries are just available to a single specific animation set (a project) while global libraries are accessible by all of your projects. You can have many global libraries in use by the same project at the same time. Libraries can be subdivided into catalogs which are groupings of templates. To add something to a library all you have to do is drag the asset from your project to the library panel. You can also move assets from libraries by drag and drop either to your exposure sheet or to another library or catalog. You can save individual cells as templates or complete animation sequences which include multiple elements and exposures. A great feature of the library panel is the way you can view all the templates contained in a catalog folder as thumbnails which is really convenient. It is like looking at a "contact" sheet of proofs, which makes finding and selecting a template very fast.

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Saving a Sequence of elements as a single template

How do I save a full animation sequence as one single template?

Simply attach all the elements (what ever length, exposure or duration) under one single master peg. Make sure this peg is collapsed and drag this peg into the library. If collapsed, dragging a peg into the library will include everything attached to that peg. Then when you drag this template to an exposure sheet to include it in a scene it will be added exactly as you originally created it with all the elements and drawings laid out. This is a really handy way to reuse animated sequences or other complex assets.

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