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Multi-Plane Camera

There is always discussion about the fact that a positive strength of TBS is the multi-plane camera. Now for those readers who are not familiar with multi-plane cameras, they were an invention of Ube Iwerks at the Disney Studios and they revolutionized animation. The basic premise was to take the concept of the transparent cel to the next logical level. Each picture (art work) plane in a multi-plane camera is a transparent surface and by actually providing distance separation between pieces of 2D art on cels this camera creates an improved representation of depth. Now for those familiar with classical animation camera stands the art work is registered by means of pegs and these pegs are mounted on precisely positioned bars called, logically, traveling peg bars. Now a single picture plane on an animation stand can be incrementally moved north - south, east -west, and rotated 360 degrees in the same plane and these moves can be in combinations. To move things in terms of depth, the camera is positioned up and down, and / or the various picture planes of a multi-plane camera stand can be positioned higher or lower in relationship to the other picture planes as an additional directional move.
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