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Exposure / Exposure Sheet

The term exposure is a carryover from classical photographic animation. Traditionally when animation was "shot" or photographed directly on to film, each composed frame had to be set-up on a special table and recorded as a film exposure. In order to communicate the set up instructions for the camera operator there were special documents created called exposure sheets. The exposure sheet described the order of placement in layers of the art work as well as camera operating instructions and effects and timing instructions. Exposure sheets were passed from directors to track readers to animators to assistants to checkers and to camera operators as the production work progressed down the "pipeline". The exposure sheet in TBS is representative of these traditional exposure sheets but it is greatly reduced in its purpose. The TBS exposure sheet is still used to lay out the basic timing of scenes and the layered order of composition elements. The TBS time line replaces much of the more detailed instructions that once were communicated on classical exposure sheets


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